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"Juu-Senshi Garuki'iba"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials. Approximately: "Warrior Beasts Garu-Ki'iba". This unusual anime series is about 3 powerful intelligent animal demigod warriors in battle-armor who have arrived on earth to fight evil. They have a selected an earth boy to aid them (though he is not 100% human actually, and doesn't know about that), and given him a talisman he can use to transform into a battle-suited warrior also. Brand new and still running in Japan, Monday nights at 6pm. Adventure, drama, and a touch of humor. I almost like this show: the men doing the voice acting are especially good. Also, I'm certain (because of the style) that the show was done by the same animators who did Tenkuu No Eskufarone. From Bandai. This series is rapidly becoming unknown.  Apparently no one will consider it for commercial release and not even a fansubber is interested in subtitling it.  That's a shame.   Other than Bandai's one publicity picture, the only other pictures on the Internet are here at our website: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

"Laputa: Castle in the Sky"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.
Movie, 123 minutes. Perhaps one of director Miyazaki's greatest achievements, this 4-star world-class anime is a must-see. A lonely young girl wears a pendant she has inherited with strange powers of levitation, connected to the legend of an island which floats hidden in the clouds - but she learns she is also heir to a lost kingdom, forgotten technology, and a dangerous legacy of world dominion. You'll see Miyazaki's trademark: the most imaginative flying machines you've ever seen, and a few enigmatic but polite robots. Note: final minute of credits missing due to the length of the tape -- all the masters are like this too! Adventure, drama, some comedy. (full-size picture)

"Captain Tsubasa J"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials Soccer team leader Tsubasa strives to make his team a national contender while struggling with personal problems of both his teammates and his own. Fine example of sports anime, rarely seen in US.

"Chibi Maruko-chan"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials Approximately "My Little Kid Maruko". This is a bit like a Japanese version of a Sally Simpson show, with almost Beavis and Butthead style animation, if you can imagine such a thing.  Strange comedy. (full-size picture)

"Gulliver Boy"

 With exciting artwork much like Magic Knights Rayearth, Gulliver travels through space and time, accompanied by his young sorceress friend and one other companion, doing techno-magic battle against foes.

"The Emblem of Gude"

English-language rights have been acquired by AD-Vision.

44 min. movie, subt. Two young women wielding heavy longswords break up a menacing religious cult in a feudal world of eerie magic. An engrossing fantasy-adventure which reminds me of a Conan or Red Sonja movie, with an occasional touch of humor. I wish there were more to this series, but this is it.

"Nadia of the Sea of Mystery"

Commercially released in English in North America.

An imaginative turn-of-the-century Vernian style land-air-sea adventure featuring a young boy inventor and an exotic girl from an unknown foreign land and her pet lion. Lots of amazing inventions and wild chase scenes as they are pursued by the beautiful but obsessed villainess seeking Nadia's crystal pendant which has strange powers. Adventure and comedy. (full-size picture)

"Kimagure Orange Road, Pilot"


...the original TV pilot episode, 26 min, subt.  Two star-crossed lovers, one with psychic powers, go from one comedic entanglement to another. Slightly different look from the TV series which followed. (more info)

"Here is Greenwood"

Released in English by Software Sculptors.

OAV's Complete set, subt. A young man moves away from home into the Greenwood school dorm and finds a building of pranksters, zealots, freaks and obsessives -- and a few real friends. Also a roommate who is a boy who looks like a girl (or is it the other way around?) Wry comedy, drama, and some heavy-duty romance in parts 5&6. A shoujo anime.. (more info and pictures)

"Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko"

 Released in English by "The Right Stuf".
Movie, 74 min, subt. A lonely schoolgirl accidentally creates a passage into an endangered dimension which only she can save. She must find weapons, allies, and the courage to become the world's greatest warrior. Adventure and comedy. (more info)

"Weathering Continent"

Movie, 60 min, subtitled. ("Kaze No Tairiku") A group of travelers wander through a decaying land and discover a buried city ruled by bandits and the spirits of the dead. Gritty but good shoujo anime, with a lead bishounen character, directed by Kadokawa. Good music too. Adventure.  (more info)

"Combustible Campus Guardress"

OAV's 1-4 complete set, 30 min. each, subtitled. Wild satirical story of a girl attending a school of psychic/magic warrior youth being trained to resist an invasion of hilarious but deadly demons from another dimension, with a romantic subplot. Gets silly in spots but well worth watching. Incidental nudity.  (more info and pictures)

"Bastard! Destructive God of Darkness"

This AIC-produced anime is no longer available as a fansub, in accordance with their wishes.

OAV's 30 min each, subtitled (beautifully) by Silverwynd. complete set. You guys will enjoy the cute girls and awesome magical combat scenes, whereas you gals will swoon over Darshu, the handsome, invincible, immortal demigod who is the main character. Everyone will enjoy guessing the origins of the many US/Brit heavy metal references which appear as names or incantations. Splendid story, characterization and action. The best sword & sorcery anime ever produced, in my opinion. Incidental nudity.  (more pictures) (detailed information)

"Video Girl Ai"

1-4, 5-6 OAV's 30 min. each, subtitled by Aquarian, complete set. The magical intervention of a mysterious being causes a girl on a tape cassette to become real temporarily, with a mission of comforting the love-sick young man who rented the tape. Poignant melodrama with beautiful music, punctuated by moments of outrageous sex comedy. Megumi Hayashibara delivers one of the finest voice performances in anime history as the voice of Ai. Incidental nudity.

"Five Star Stories"

64 min OVA, subt. Shoujo (for ladies) anime with the high-fashion super-elegant bishounen look. A romantic, mystical, super-science story set in a distant star cluster which has 5 inhabited star systems. Girl-like beings artificially evolved for their mechanical interface skills are struggled over by various factions eager to use them in combat, yet they have become so human that they yearn for love instead of war. Dazzlingly beautiful characters in this one, which you will need to watch twice to figure out all that is happening -- and then you'll watch it several more times for the pure pleasure of it. Try not to worry too much about the plot -- this is a 3-hour movie crammed into 1 hour, sort of like "Dune" was. A Kadakowa film.  (more pictures)

"Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko"
TV episodes, in Japanese only, as broadcast with original commercials. "Tico of the Seven Seas" One of the features in Sekai Meisaku Gekijou, the "World Masterpiece Theatre." Adventures of Tico and sister Nanami travelling the world with their father on their ocean-research vessel. Comedy and drama, and easy to follow without a script.

"The Techno-Girls" is: Barbara, Jen, and Gloria. Some other women who are or have been associated with Techno-Girls (as translators) are: Yoko Okamoto, Anna Exter, Machiko Cyr, Yoshie Nishida, Keiko Noui, Chiyoko Ishida, Naomi Shalowitz, and Tomoyo Lawyer.  Also, Ben Ettinger, translator of Romeo's Blue Skies... who happens to not be a woman.  (See, we are politically correct.)

General Information about Shoujo Anime
List of Commercially Available Shoujo Anime:
Sailor Moon
Koko Wa Greenwood (Here is Greenwood)
Vampire Princess Miyu
Vampire Hunter D
Leda: the Fantastic Adventure of Yooko
Omoide Poroporo (Memories like Teardrops)
RG Veda
Curse of the Undead Youma
Explorer-Woman Rei
Mimi O Sumesaba (If you Listen Closely)
Darkside Blues
Mother (E.Y.E.S. of Mars)
The Heroic Legend of Arislan
Doomed Megalopolis
X (The Movie)
Please Save My Earth
Tokyo Babylon
They Were Eleven


SHOUJO: Manga or Anime which was originally marketed to girls or ladies.
The content is superfluous -- it is the marketing intent, not the
content, which determines whether a feature is shoujo or shounen.

SHOUNEN: Manga or anime which was originally marketed to boys or men. As
above, only the marketing intent matters, not the content.

CROSSOVER: Manga or anime which attempts to address both a shoujo and
shounen market (at the SAME time) -- a relatively new development in
Japan.  Escaflowne is an example.

YAOI: shounenai anime (or manga), always of the shoujo classification,
in which there is little plot or action except for a sexual encounter
between two males, at least one of which is usually bishounen.

SHOUNENAI: A shoujo feature in which the plot concerns a romance between
two males, one of which is often, but not always, bishounen.  May have
little or no sex at all.  Yaoi features are always shounenai, but not
the reverse.

BISHOUNEN: A male character who appears to be feminine or androgynous or
to have very very delicate, refined, cute features.  Mostly in shoujo
anime (Weathering Continent, Fushigi Yuugi), but can appear in Shounen
anime too (Mahou-tsukai Tai), usually in a comic manner.  Can also
appear in crossover anime (Vision of Escaflowne, Five Star Stories).
Bishounen characters may crossdress or behave in a feminine manner, or
be portrayed as gay.  They are by no means always gay, but if a gay
character is represented, they are usually bishounen.  (Rare exceptions
-- the best one is Video Girl Ai, a shounen feature, with a "probably
gay" character who is not bishounen.  The author and producers are to be
praised for their non-stereotypical treatment there.)

Warning on Shounen-Ai material:
  Some of these shows contain "shounen-ai" or "yaoi" material.  "Shounen-ai" literally means "boy's love".  This means that it contains material in which two very attractive males are attracted to each other.  There may be romantic or intimate moments between the two.  One or both males may appear to be feminine or androgynous.  Such subject matters are common material in shoujo (for girls) anime.  They are not necessarily viewed as immoral at all, just "very interesting."  They deepen the characterization and provide a bridge between male characters and feminine emotional subjects, thus creating a scenario with much story potential yet remaining essentially a story for women, concentrating on feminine interests.
  Because of its very strong Judeo-Christian cultural roots, American/Canadian/British societal views of such material are negative, and infused with a moral prejudgement, when in fact these story elements were only intended to convey exotic interest, graphic beauty, and multi-faceted charactizations.  If you have strong negative feelings about viewing such material, I recommend you stay away from shoujo anime.  Virtually all shoujo anime contains some kind of shounenai or bishounen or androgynous material.