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Japanese Video and Fansubs from Other Fansub Groups

   Long ago, we made copies of tapes for people, and these little synopses explained what the shows were about.  Now, perhaps they will help in getting acquainted with the titles which exist or once existed as fansubs.

Warning: much of the information on this page is hopelessly out of date!!

  "Cutey Honey Flash"   Yes, many of you remember seeing her in some OAV's in which she was a busty bouncy super-babe to give boy fans a thrill.  NOW she's different... this is the shoujo treatment of the character.  Now she is a Japanese anime version of a Supergirl, with many stylish dresses (and android bodies) who goes to a local school, with ordinary worries about school, boys... and malevolent supernatural invaders... and her missing father, who may have died... and the mysterious tall stranger who sometimes comes to her aid.  Once per episode she must deal with the villain of the week, but the battle actually is the minor part of this show.  The best parallel is with Sailor Moon, or perhaps more accurately Sailor V... (especially with the similarity to the design of the villains) except that Cutey Honey Flash has better character design, some very talented line art, and splendid backgrounds for a TV anime.  As with many shoujo animes, the main story line is very slow to develop, and may not become completely clear until episode 12-15 or so.  I pray someone makes some fansubs of a few of these episodes.
   "Sazae-san"  This is THE most popular anime in Japan.  It's a quirky but realistic look at a Japanese family life.    You can see some of the real Japan here.
   "Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi"   This translates as "Japanese Cartoon Folklore."  Each week presents 1 to 3 short folk tales from the rich tradition of Japanese storytelling.  Ghosts, samurai, goddesses, famous doomed romances, wandering heroes, legendary creatures, mysterious magical visitors... all presented in a simple cartoon style which varies from silly to quite charming.  I'd like to see a fansubber pick through these many episodes, selecting a dozen or two of the best.  New fansubbers could choose a segment as short as 8 minutes, a complete story, to practice on.

"Sailor Moon Sailor Stars"

If you got turned off by the adorable-but-annoying Chibi Moon who dominated the SS season, then here is the GOOD stuff. Before we had the Inner Senshi, then we got the Outer Senshi, then Chibi Usa, and now we have three Asteroid Senshi, plus the return of the prophetic Saturn, just when a terrible time-travel paradox threatens to kill Sailor Moon (who has wings now!) -- and right when Mamoru is kidnapped and seduced again by the same evil goddess we thought was defeated last season. A darker, more adult Sailor Moon show, in which the adult senshi, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto are central figures. (And yes, Uranus and Neptune are a lesbian couple -- if you can't deal with that, then stick to American cartoons.)

"Miracle Girls"

 Two sisters have remarkable psychic powers, especially when they combine forces. And they really need those paranormal abilities to get themselves out of the boy-trouble and school-trouble that they manage to get into! Shoujo drama and comedy.  We are thrilled to have the new DOMO version of this delightful show.

"Bronze" & "Cathexis"

 The successor OAV to "Zetsuai 89" (which the Techno-Girls are now subtitling), this intense shounenai melodrama is filled with scenes which stun the eye and grasp the heart.  The story concerns a rock idol and a soccer champion who have lived as lovers for several years.  A sudden injury and a family intrigue forces them apart, while the conflict between their mutual obsessive devotion and their need for independance tears them apart in their hearts. This tape also contains the Cathexis collection of image songs and additional artwork.  NOT for children, and not for those who cannot comfortably view a gay romance.  A fine job on this tape by the Lupin Gang.

"Mysterious Thief Saint Tail"

"Kaitou Seinto Teru". This adorable little girl will go to any lengths to steal valuable objects, using her ability to transform into a cute little magical thief -- but she tries to use her talent for theft for good purposes, with the help of her best friend Seira (who is a nun in training!) Another Nakayoshi hit feature (like Rayearth and Sailor Moon) which ended in Sept. 1996 after 43 episodes. Shoujo (for girls) comedy, romance, adventure. Project Genki did a fine job on this tape!

 (more info

  "Hime-chan No Ribon"

  TV episodes, 25 min. each, ("Himeko's Ribbon")  The Japanese people often list this magical-girl series as one of their all-time favorites.  Cute, vivacious tomboy Himeko obtains a magic ribbon which allows her to temporarily become the twin of anyone she wants.  A simple, sweet mixture of humor and sentiment made this series a classic.

"Magic Knight RayEarth"

TV episodes, 25 min each. (These are Silverwynd's brand new from-laserdisk version.) Three schoolgirls find themselves suddenly in a strange world where they have magic powers, drafted by an imprisoned princess to defend a kingdom from evil usurpers. By "Clamp," the all-woman manga team who were originally doujinshi artists. Everyone loves this exciting show! The characters will remind you of A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-Ko.  Although the story is generally a lighthearted fantasy adventure, some of it involves some truly heavy-duty drama as well. (full-size picture) Shoujo fantasy, adventure, comedy.


   These tapes have been acquired commercially, to everyone's amazement!!

   Two angels come to earth to evaluate humanity -- one to find the evils of mankind, the other to find the virtues. During their stay on Earth, they also discover the same qualities within themselves. A shoujo adventure.

Earthian 1 and 2 subtitled by Arctic (A3.)  Note: though Arctic has a reputation for "quick and dirty" fansubs, this was done under the Arctic banner by an outside fansubber, and is truly a first-class fansub.  Some of you may know who "A3" is.

Earthian 3 parts 1 and 2, subtitled by Hecto.  This Hecto fansub sometimes uses marginally grammatical English in places and has poorer video quality than some fansubs, but is very enjoyable nonetheless.  WARNING:  Earthian 3 is a SHOUNENAI anime.  If you don't know what shounenai means, follow the link.  For mature viewers only.

"Aka Zukin Cha Cha"

   "Red-hooded Cha-Cha" is a sort of cross between Red Riding Hood and The Sorcerers Apprentice. Not at all hard to follow, even without a script. Silly comedy, with lots of gags, and at least one serious moment per episode (usually when 10-year old Cha-Cha turns herself into the attractive 18-year-old Magical Princess and deals with a troublemaker). (more info)

Subtitled in English by Arctic Animation:
  We have taken old subtitled tapes directly from Arctic, and re-recorded them onto SVHS using our AG-1980 system, applying a digital time-base correction to the shaky and unstable picture from the originals, giving copy-masters which produce VHS copies which are in some ways superior video quality to the original Arctic tapes. As fansubs go, these are rather clumsily done and in imperfect English, but they are still irreplaceable.
eps. 1-4 [B]
eps. 5-8 [B]
 eps. 9, 10, and 12 [B] 

"The Rose of Versailles"

(TV, 27 min. each) ("Berusaiyu no Bara") Story of the court intrigue and rivalry surrounding Princess Marie Antoinette, and the skilled swordsman who is her bodyguard, a swordsman who is actually a woman. Shoujo ("for ladies") anime of fictionalized history, with action and intense melodrama. We cannot recommend this series highly enough -- it should be seen by all who love romantic fiction and beautiful artwork. The art is much like "Brother, Dear Brother" ("Oniisama E...") because the original manga for both was by Riyoko Ikeda. (more info)

Subtitled by Rosebud/Ginrei

"Koushi Den (The Life of Confucius)"

(TV Special, 93 min. total, no commercials) A magnificent TV special by the Japanese Cable-TV network NHK portraying, with some fictional parts, the story of the great Chinese philosopher and advisor. Intricate and fast-moving. We hope someone takes on the great challenge of fansubbing this epic. A Confucius page here.

"Hana Yori Dango"

TV episodes, in Japanese only, with commercials as originally broadcast. Title is literally "Dumplings over Blossoms" from a Japanese proverb which says in effect, "It's better to eat than have pretty things." but with the kanji rendering of "Dango" as "Danshi" ("boy") it also gives the double-meaning "I'd Rather Have Boys than Flowers."...! Running in Margaret (manga monthly for girls) this brand-new very-shoujo series is about a girl entering an exclusive private boarding school. We're very excited about this series because of its superficial resemblence to "Oniisama E..." which we are fansubbing. Romance, comedy, mystery, drama.

"Nippon Animation Special and Ie naki ko Remi"

TV episodes, in Japanese only, with original commercials as broadcast. "Little Homeless Remi" or "Little Abandoned Remi" This NEW series from Nippon Animation (World Masterpiece Theatre) started 9-1-96, and is based on a French story of a boy (in THIS anime, Remi is a GIRL) who is forced to leave a destitute mother by a cruel father and ends up wandering lost and alone. In addition, this tape includes the 1996 Nippon Animation Special, which highlights several of the series produced in recent years by Nippon Animation in one 30 minute special episode -- very much worth seeing in itself!

"Go-Kinjo Monogatari"

"Tales of the Neighborhood" A unique artstyle (long spindly limbs, big distendable lips, SD-caricatures etc) caused some US fans to take an instant dislike to this J-Pop-Mod reallife shoujo teenage series. But once you get used to it, the funky art style is WONDERFUL. Take a look! The original manga runs in Ribbon. Romance, comedy, drama.

"City Hunter"

TV episodes, subtitled by Reality Studios. Guns, cars, action, hanky-panky, and both main characters are gorgeous -- a popular series with both sexes in Japan!

"The Dirty Pair"

TV episodes, subtitled by Aquarian. This duo of heavily armed peacekeepers for an intergalactic Interpol somehow manage to get the job done, but always with lots of collateral damage. However they're cute so no one minds!

"Fushigi Yuugi"

TV episodes, subtitled by Tomodachi. (Approx. "A Weird Playtime"). As in The Neverending Story, a schoolgirl finds an old book which pulls her into a parallel universe which appears to be ancient China. There she is hailed as a representative of a deity, but must find seven other such representatives to fulfill a prophecy before she can get home. This shoujo comedy/adventure was Barbara's favorite new tv show of 1995. There is some rather steamy (and hilarious) romance here as well! Also some very interesting men and a bishounen character -- or two. We don't know anyone who has seen this who didn't like it a lot.

Acquired commercially by Pioneer!


Released in English under the title of "E.Y.E.S. of Mars."

Movie, 75 minutes. This gorgeous shoujo science-fiction/fantasy anime film from the 80's tells the story of Eve, a young girl who uses her psychic powers to defend the planet from a terrible impending environmental catastrophe caused by unthinking humans. Adventure, drama. 

"Nurse Angel Ririka SOS"

TV episodes, subtitled by Tomodachi Anime. Another delightful young-girls' fantasy series! Ririka can transform herself into Nurse Angel Ririka, so that she can battle against various magical menaces and use her healing powers for good. From the pages of Ribbon, the leading girl's comic monthly.  (info)

"Magical Princess Minky Momo"

A magical-girl shoujo classic, which showed as a series in the 80's and again in the 90's. Minky Momo rides to earth on a moonbeam, using her magic and knowledge of the spirit world to assist love-struck humans. This tape contains two recent OAV's, "The Bridge of all your Tomorrows" and "The Railway Station of your Memories" as well as one episode from the 1982 season, and one episode from the 1991 season. The OAV's are subtitled, and the TV episodes are Japanese-only.

"Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko"
English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.
94 min. movie, subt. Approximately, "Report on the Recent Raccoon Wars" or "Ponpoko" for short. In Japanese mythology, raccoons are clever, sneaky, and have magic powers. This Takahata/Miyazaki film is about two bands of raccoons whose homes are threatened by the ever-continuing encroachment of Japanese urban development. (Link )

"Cleopatra DC3 -- Pandora's Box"

Movie, 51 min. subtitles by DOMO. [B] Beautiful, rich, and busty Cleopatra aids a beautiful, busty genetically-manipulated young girl with psychic powers who is being hunted by a government agent who happens to be a beautiful... need I go on? Sometimes even bad anime is fun, and maybe this is one of those times -- or maybe not. Contains the obligatory bathtub scenes of course. Incidental semi-nudity.
Tape #115 [A], which also includes Bewitching Nozomi.

"Marmalade Boy"

(TV, 27 min. each, 4 episodes per tape, subtitled by Tomodachi) A young schoolgirl tries to keep her sanity while dealing with a bizarre family life and a complicated romantic entanglement. Poignant and hilarious romantic comedy. Shoujo anime. 75 episodes before you find out who ends up with whom! (more pictures)

"Porco Rosso"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.

94 min. movie, Miyazaki's classic about an aviator in Pre-WW2 Italy who bears a strange curse, and who with the aid of a young woman aircraft designer wages war on the air pirates. Stunning animation, engaging character design, and lyrical story. Not to be missed. (more info)

"Kiki's Delivery Service"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.

Movie, one tape, 104 min, subt. aka "A Witch's Delivery Service." (Majo no Takkyuubin) A 13-year old witch tries her skills in a distant city, and finds that doing deliveries-by-broom is the only work she can get. A classic Miyazaki film, with meticulous Disney-style fluid animation and beguiling characterization, and absolutely essential for any anime enthusiast. Suitable for children, but loved by all. (pictures and info)

"Tobira O Akete"

Movie, 82 min. subt. by Tomodachi Anime, ("Open the Door" or "The Opening of the Door") Neko and her two friends, all college students with psychic powers, are pulled into another world by a mysterious religious leader. Neko finds herself hailed as a legendary goddess and allied to a fiery demon-princess in a quest to defeat the despot who rules the country. Very enjoyable story, with some real surprises. I liked the character design but thought the music was rather weak. Shoujo adventure. Incidental nudity.

"Fairy Princess Reine"

OAV #1, 30 min. subt. (This translator spelled "Reine" as "Ren" in the fansub) Imagine the UCLA anime club doing a class project with characters from everyone's favorite anime. Thats about what you can expect from this hysterical OAV, with references to many "genres" of anime built-in, intended for anime fans. The plot loosely concerns a fairy who appears, and a young man who can't understand her language (which just happens to consist of normal words with completely different meanings!) and his using her to seek treasure -- but this film is not really burdened with a plot, because you see everything from magical tranforming girls, battlesuited fighters, mecha, incomprehensible heroes, enigmatic martial-arts gurus, and much more... purely for the purpose of wild comedy and satire. Incidental nudity.

Acquired commercially.

"Fam & Iri, Ruin Explorers"

English-language rights have been acquired by AD-Vision.

OAV's 1-3, 91 min. total. This lighthearted sword-and-sorcery romp with the two adventurers Fam (sweet, furry-tailed elf) and Iri (fiery-tempered sorcerer's apprentice) is a search for 3 artifacts which can grant them the Ultimate Power. This is from RPG magazine, and seems a lot like a quest game. Adventure, comedy.

"Mimi O Sumaseba"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.
   Movie, 113 minutes, "If you Listen Closely" retitled as "Whisper of the Heart" in English. Book-loving high school student Shizuku begins noticing an increasing string of strange coincidences involving her, an antique shop, a name, and a cat. The answer to the mystery changes her life forever. An intense introspective drama about that moment in everyone's young life when suddenly we find the future rushing at us at full speed.
   There is not one trace of magic or fantasy in this movie, yet every moment is magical. Most scenes use light in a beautiful or unique way -- shimmering, reflecting, glowing. Good use of music also. Art anime, Directed by Kondo Yoshifumi, produced and with character design by Miyazaki. Drama, romance.

Ribbon Magazine 1995 Fan Special

54 minutes, subtitled by Tomodachi Anime. An anime fan's variety show, featuring characters who first appeared in Ribbon ("Ribon") monthly manga magazine for girls! First, "Kodomo no Omocha" ("Child's Toy") pilot/introductory special -- a young girl, who just happens to be a child actress also, decides to tame the class bully, who turns out to be a more complicated person than she thought. (27 minutes) This will become a new TV series in April 96. Second, several wonderful interviews (subtitled) with effervescent Kouda Mariko, voice actress playing Miki of "Marmalade Boy". Third, three excellent music videos from Marmalade Boy sung by Miss Kouda, including "Story" never featured in the anime. Warning: these contain scenes from episodes 50-75, so if you must keep the outcome of the series a secret from yourself, don't watch these! Karen Duffy put this tape together.

"Bewitching Nozomi"

OAV #1, 55 minutes, subt. Just who is this foreign girl who's moved next door to him? And why does she seem to know so much about him? Now somehow she's manipulated him into signing up for boxing club in school, saying he's a boxing genius, but he's never boxed a day in his life! How is it that she seems to be able to make him do all these things -- is she some sort of witch, as he imagines? Or does she just have a lot of enthusiasm and charisma? Perhaps even she isn't completely sure! Something about this simple story captured our heart. But where is part 2? Sports, romance, comedy.


Released in English subtitles by Software Sculptors. We HIGHLY recommend you buy these tapes from them! The show is wonderful and the tapes are inexpensive and hold 3-4 episodes each!

"The Slayers" You'll enjoy following the exploits of this team of magically-talented adventurers! A big hit in Japan. Everyone's favorite voice actress Megumi Hayashibara does the lead character's voice. Adventure, comedy.

"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SS"

 "Beautiful Soldier Girl Sailor Moon Super-S" If you don't know who this girl is, what planet are you from? This was only the MOST popular TV show (of all categories) in Japan. Here are eight recent episodes from the "Super-S" season, just ended. It seems that DIC will not be licensing these episodes, so we can list them here. See whats new: new characters, new powers, new developments, same old space-villain types. Sailor Chibi Moon (Little Sailor Moon) is a prominent character in these episodes, and she's adorable. From the pages of Nakayoshi magazine. Comedy, romance, drama.

"Darukuseido Burusu"

English-language version being released by US Manga.  We recommend it.
Movie, in Japanese only, 84 min. "Darkside Blues" Recently released by Toyo, this Neo-Tokyo gothic techno-magic horror film is about a mysterious implacable stranger who aids a young woman in her struggle against the evil menaces which dominate the city. The gothic imagery is quite artistically done, despite the anachronisms in such scenes combining a flying black coach drawn by black flying horses with things like satellite war stations! A few dungeons and eerie houses too. Contains violence, scenes of torture and near nudity. Adventure and horror.

"The Sorcerer Hunters"

Soon to be released in English in North America.

In a future where nearly everyone has some sort of psychic powers, a few are very powerful indeed -- and dangerous. They must be dealt with by the Sorcerer Hunters, a team of anti-psychics with their own powers. Violent action and drama -- with a bit of humor at times, especially peek-a-boo jokes involving the busty women on the team. Incidental nudity.

"Mahoujin GuruGuru"

TV episodes, in Japanese only, with commercials, 30 min. ea. "The GuruGuru Coven" or "Magic Circle GuruGuru" (there is a sort of pun in the title). A young sorceress and two boys battle lots of evil menaces. Rather like Aka Zukin ChaCha, except that this little girl is cuter. As you watch, you notice that there seems to be a game that accompanies the screen action that you can play at the same time -- but its all a joke! The show is both a comedy and a parody of video RPG games. Really cute. If I were choosing a show for "beginning Japanese comprehension" this would be the one.


TV episodes 28 min. each, subtitled by Silverwynd) A high-school student, who is so shy of girls that he gets nauseous when he is close to them, is accidentally turned into a charismatic playboy by Karin, an incompetent time-travel agent from the future. Now Karin can only complete her time-travel mission by making sure the playboy gets married to the right girl. Or maybe even her. Comedy, romance. Incidental near-nudity, mild sexual situations.

"Key, the Metal Idol"

To be released in English by Viz.
  Tokiko, nicknamed "Key" is a robot built by a scientist who wanted a granddaughter. His dying words are that she can become human if she can somehow become loved by 30000 people. So she naively sets out for the Tokyo entertainment scene. Haunting atmosphere and rather surreal at times. (full-size photo)

"Kogane Yuusha Gorudoran"

  TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials, showing beginning on 4-1-95. "Gorudoran, the Golden Hero" A garden variety shounen mecha series, with several twists. The boys have a flying freight train which can travel through space and time, and a golden sports car which transforms into the samurai-mecha warrior Gorudoran. The fight scenes are rather good though.  (full-size photo)

"Omoide Poroporo"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.

Movie, 119 minutes subt. . Literally "Memories Overflowing (like Teardrops)" as in "namida boroboro" but given the English title "Only Yesterday." Produced by Miyazaki, directed by Takahata. On a trip to the country, a woman finds herself suddenly haunted by realistic ghosts of her own memories, as the aimlessness of her own life and her self-imposed feelings of alienation come to a breaking point. Meticulous animation, with a pale, near-sepia color scheme, and stunningly detailed hand painted scenery. There is no other animation which can bring you closer to the feel of Japanese country life, or the actual experiences of a fifth grade girl in a Japanese school. Be prepared to shed a tear, perhaps. (files) (Miyazaki/Takahata)

"The Samurai"

Movie, 47 minutes, subt. A high school student who fancies himself a samurai meets his match when two new transfer students, twin girls from a ninja family, decide to continue the feud their family has had against his family -- using Ninja tactics and their sex appeal. Slapstick comedy with a "Ranma" look to it (original manga by Rumiko Takahashi). Incidental nudity.

"Juu-Senshi Garuki'iba"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials. Approximately: "Warrior Beasts Garu-Ki'iba". This unusual anime series is about 3 powerful intelligent animal demigod warriors in battle-armor who have arrived on earth to fight evil. They have a selected an earth boy to aid them (though he is not 100% human actually, and doesn't know about that), and given him a talisman he can use to transform into a battle-suited warrior also. Brand new and still running in Japan, Monday nights at 6pm. Adventure, drama, and a touch of humor. I almost like this show: the men doing the voice acting are especially good. Also, I'm certain (because of the style) that the show was done by the same animators who did Tenkuu No Eskufarone. From Bandai. This series is rapidly becoming unknown.  Apparently no one will consider it for commercial release and not even a fansubber is interested in subtitling it.  That's a shame.   Other than Bandai's one publicity picture, the only other pictures on the Internet are here at our website: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

"Laputa: Castle in the Sky"

English-language rights have been acquired by Disney Studios.
Movie, 123 minutes. Perhaps one of director Miyazaki's greatest achievements, this 4-star world-class anime is a must-see. A lonely young girl wears a pendant she has inherited with strange powers of levitation, connected to the legend of an island which floats hidden in the clouds - but she learns she is also heir to a lost kingdom, forgotten technology, and a dangerous legacy of world dominion. You'll see Miyazaki's trademark: the most imaginative flying machines you've ever seen, and a few enigmatic but polite robots. Note: final minute of credits missing due to the length of the tape -- all the masters are like this too! Adventure, drama, some comedy. (full-size picture)

"Captain Tsubasa J"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials Soccer team leader Tsubasa strives to make his team a national contender while struggling with personal problems of both his teammates and his own. Fine example of sports anime, rarely seen in US.

"Chibi Maruko-chan"

TV episodes, in Japanese only with original commercials Approximately "My Little Kid Maruko". This is a bit like a Japanese version of a Sally Simpson show, with almost Beavis and Butthead style animation, if you can imagine such a thing.  Strange comedy. (full-size picture)

"Gulliver Boy"

 With exciting artwork much like Magic Knights Rayearth, Gulliver travels through space and time, accompanied by his young sorceress friend and one other companion, doing techno-magic battle against foes.

"The Emblem of Gude"

English-language rights have been acquired by AD-Vision.

44 min. movie, subt. Two young women wielding heavy longswords break up a menacing religious cult in a feudal world of eerie magic. An engrossing fantasy-adventure which reminds me of a Conan or Red Sonja movie, with an occasional touch of humor. I wish there were more to this series, but this is it.

"Nadia of the Sea of Mystery"

Commercially released in English in North America.

An imaginative turn-of-the-century Vernian style land-air-sea adventure featuring a young boy inventor and an exotic girl from an unknown foreign land and her pet lion. Lots of amazing inventions and wild chase scenes as they are pursued by the beautiful but obsessed villainess seeking Nadia's crystal pendant which has strange powers. Adventure and comedy. (full-size picture)

"Kimagure Orange Road, Pilot"



...the original TV pilot episode, 26 min, subt.  Two star-crossed lovers, one with psychic powers, go from one comedic entanglement to another. Slightly different look from the TV series which followed. (more info)

"Here is Greenwood"

Released in English by Software Sculptors.

OAV's Complete set, subt. A young man moves away from home into the Greenwood school dorm and finds a building of pranksters, zealots, freaks and obsessives -- and a few real friends. Also a roommate who is a boy who looks like a girl (or is it the other way around?) Wry comedy, drama, and some heavy-duty romance in parts 5&6. A shoujo anime.. (more info and pictures)

"Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko"

 Released in English by "The Right Stuf".
Movie, 74 min, subt. A lonely schoolgirl accidentally creates a passage into an endangered dimension which only she can save. She must find weapons, allies, and the courage to become the world's greatest warrior. Adventure and comedy. (more info)

"Weathering Continent"

Movie, 60 min, subtitled. ("Kaze No Tairiku") A group of travelers wander through a decaying land and discover a buried city ruled by bandits and the spirits of the dead. Gritty but good shoujo anime, with a lead bishounen character, directed by Kadokawa. Good music too. Adventure.  (more info)

"Combustible Campus Guardress"

OAV's 1-4 complete set, 30 min. each, subtitled. Wild satirical story of a girl attending a school of psychic/magic warrior youth being trained to resist an invasion of hilarious but deadly demons from another dimension, with a romantic subplot. Gets silly in spots but well worth watching. Incidental nudity.  (more info and pictures)

"Bastard! Destructive God of Darkness"

This AIC-produced anime is no longer available as a fansub, in accordance with their wishes.
Finally!  This will be released in English by Pioneer!!

OAV's 30 min each, subtitled (beautifully) by Silverwynd. complete set. You guys will enjoy the cute girls and awesome magical combat scenes, whereas you gals will swoon over Darshu, the handsome, invincible, immortal demigod who is the main character. Everyone will enjoy guessing the origins of the many US/Brit heavy metal references which appear as names or incantations. Splendid story, characterization and action. The best sword & sorcery anime ever produced, in my opinion. Incidental nudity.  (more pictures) (detailed information)

"Video Girl Ai"

1-4, 5-6 OAV's 30 min. each, subtitled by Aquarian, complete set. The magical intervention of a mysterious being causes a girl on a tape cassette to become real temporarily, with a mission of comforting the love-sick young man who rented the tape. Poignant melodrama with beautiful music, punctuated by moments of outrageous sex comedy. Megumi Hayashibara delivers one of the finest voice performances in anime history as the voice of Ai. Incidental nudity.

"Five Star Stories"

64 min OVA, subt. Shoujo (for ladies) anime with the high-fashion super-elegant bishounen look. A romantic, mystical, super-science story set in a distant star cluster which has 5 inhabited star systems. Girl-like beings artificially evolved for their mechanical interface skills are struggled over by various factions eager to use them in combat, yet they have become so human that they yearn for love instead of war. Dazzlingly beautiful characters in this one, which you will need to watch twice to figure out all that is happening -- and then you'll watch it several more times for the pure pleasure of it. Try not to worry too much about the plot -- this is a 3-hour movie crammed into 1 hour, sort of like "Dune" was. A Kadakowa film.  (more pictures)

"Nanatsu no Umi no Tiko"
TV episodes, in Japanese only, as broadcast with original commercials. "Tico of the Seven Seas" One of the features in Sekai Meisaku Gekijou, the "World Masterpiece Theatre." Adventures of Tico and sister Nanami travelling the world with their father on their ocean-research vessel. Comedy and drama, and easy to follow without a script.

Warning on Shounen-Ai material:
  Some of these shows contain "shounen-ai" or "yaoi" material.  "Shounen-ai" literally means "boy's love".  This means that it contains material in which two very attractive males are attracted to each other.  There may be romantic or intimate moments between the two.  One or both males may appear to be feminine or androgynous.  Such subject matters are common material in shoujo (for girls) anime.  They are not necessarily viewed as immoral at all, just "very interesting."  They deepen the characterization and provide a bridge between male characters and feminine emotional subjects, thus creating a scenario with much story potential yet remaining essentially a story for women, concentrating on feminine interests.
  Because of its very strong Judeo-Christian cultural roots, American/Canadian/British societal views of such material are negative, and infused with a moral prejudgement, when in fact these story elements were only intended to convey exotic interest, graphic beauty, and multi-faceted charactizations.  If you have strong negative feelings about viewing such material, I recommend you stay away from shoujo anime.  Virtually all shoujo anime contains some kind of shounenai or bishounen or androgynous material.
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