Darkness of the Sea...
   ...Shadow of the Moon.
"Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage"

   A shoujo horror OAV 3 part set.   A girl's sister becomes possessed by an evil force from the sea and tries to steal her boyfriend from her.  This is the classic "evil twin" story.  We were fortunate to obtain beautiful originals of this from a small shop in Japan.  The soundtrack on "Umi-Yami" 2 is defective, but we'll do the entire soundtrack digitally anyway, so we can substitute the soundtrack from part 2 of the old LD-copied degenerated tape we have, therefore combining the best video with the best sound.  (Our subbing software, Subsonic, allows for using a digital soundtrack synchronized to the show.)

   We are about to start work on these features.

   The original 18-volume manga was by Shinohara Chie and was published in Shougakukan's Flower Comics manga series.  It appeared in "Shoujo Komikku".

  Another 2-part omake series appears on this tape as well, each episode 10 minutes.  Also, a picture gallery short.  The picture gallery will appear on our fansub, but not the unrelated omake features, which will appear on a separate "catch-all" tape in the future, because they sort of spoil the mood.

   "Umi-Yami" is fully sponsored already!!  We are enormously grateful for this show of support!

 1. "Anonymous"
 2. Al Lee
 3. Juri

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