A manga by
Yuu Yabuuchi

   Best known for her classic sentimental "School Days" manga "Mizuiro-Jidai",  which became a little-known anime series, Yuu Yabuuchi has also done a fantasy manga called simply "Karen."

   The simple beauty and grace of her characters is evident in this series too, but unlike "Mizuiro-Jidai" the series has some fantasy, adventure and suspense.   It begins in 1898 in London with a young girl named Karen who is working as a dishwasher.  Her adventure takes her to other places in the world (and perhaps other places in time too) as she learns just who she really is, and what her powers are.  She is accompanied by a boy named Ed.

   I don't want to give away the plot, which I honestly don't know all the details of, but this seems to be an atmospheric fantasy with both heavy drama, danger, and romance.  Some of the scenes are stunningly beautiful.

  The book is easy to read for beginners of Japanese.   Please buy the set!  It is published by Ciao "Flower Comics" volumes 6261 through 6265, 5 volumes total.  This web page is simply to let you know that, if you loved "Mizuiro-Jidai" (aka "BlueGreen Years" if you saw the fansub) there is more to read and enjoy.  Click on these example thumbnail pictures to see larger, more detailed picture scans.

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