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How to Request the 4-DVDR Video Set of 2009 Basho 1 [Hatsu]

The DVDs contain avi files which are computer-viewable video covering the entire broadcast, matches and everything, about 31 hours of sumo coverage: everything that NHK World broadcast. The samples I have been posting are the exact same specification as the video. For samples, see this page. (Specs: 1100kbps divx5, 640x480x29.97 noninterlaced, audio 128-160kbps 48ks/s mp3) This is not quite DVD quality but can still serve as a nice memento of the basho. Even though these files are intended for computer viewing, you can watch these Divx files on your TV if you buy a mp4-capable DVD player. I recommend the RJ-1800DVXII, only $69: RJ-1900DVX
These disks are guaranteed to play fine on this DVD player - I have one myself and have tested them. Again, remember that these are slightly lower resolution than full DVD standard, so the video quality is somewhat lower: I would judge them to be about as good as a SVCD for TV viewing; This is however far above Internet quality. If you put one of these disks into the RJ1800, it gives you a directory listing so you can choose which file you want to play. Each day's broadcast is a single avi file which is a little over 1GB. There are 4 files per 4.3GB disk, so the 15 days are covered on 4 DVDR's, amounting to a nominal 31 hours of sumo. (Note that day 4 coverage is highlights only, and in Japanese only, due to reception problems.)
Set of 4 disks covering the broadcast (find the total which applies to you):

  Standard disks (Prodisk or TaiyoYuden DVD-R, my choice) Premium disks (MAM-A Mitsui true precious-metal Silver) Gold archive disks (MAM-A 24kt. Gold Archive DVD-R) including surface scan certification
United States 28 39 51
Canada 29 39 52
Mexico 32 43 55
Europe including Russia 34 45 58
Australia, New Zealand, Japan 34 45 58
The rest of the world 34 45 57

Payment method: Paypal, cash by mail, personal check by mail (will delay shipment 15 days), money order (US dollars only. No foreign drafts, checks or warrants accepted). The waiting time for personal check may be waived if you have gotten anything from me before. Note: charges may vary plus or minus a dollar from the amounts above. Postage rates went up (again) in January, 2009.

Special services: for $15 more, I will send the package by registered mail, which is recommended if your country has a problem with theft of mail.

Guarantee: 30 days exchange

Not available now, but may be offered again later:
1. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 1 (Hatsu).
2. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 2 (Haru).
3. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 3 (Natsu).
4. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 4 (Nagoya).
5. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 5 (Aki).
6. The 4 disk set for 2007 basho 6 (Kyushu).
7. The 4 disk set for 2008 basho 1 (Hatsu).
8. The 4 disk set for 2008 basho 2 (Haru-Osaka).
9. The 4 disk set for 2008 basho 3 (Natsu-Tokyo).
10. The 4 disk set for 2008 basho 4 (Nagoya).
11. The 4 disk set for 2008 basho 6 (Kyushu).

To order:
1. Go to
2. Locate item 1766. At the rightmost column, check either "standard disks" or "premium disks". If there are any other items you want, you may also check them now.
3. At the bottom of the web page, fill out the sections for your name, email, mailing address, and payment method. If you want gold disks, write "Gold archive disks" in the comment box.
4. Click on the "send now" box to send the request.
5. I will send you an invoice with payment instructions by return email.
If you have additional questions, see the faq page: